Taylor Swift is a phenomenon. She’s sold over 22 million albums world wide and she’s one of the best-selling digital recording artist of all time. She has endorsement deals with Sony , Diet Coke and Covergirl. She’s number three on“The 10 Highest-Paid Women in Music 2013,” Forbes…

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i hate it when people tell me wanegbt is annoying and repetitive like that’s the point

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Taylor Swift leaving the gym in NYC - July 16th

"When I think about the things that cause me pain or the things that cause me trouble or frustration, it’s not people asking for my autograph; it’s people breaking my heart. That happens to you whether you’ve sold millions of records or whether you’re taking classes at college. You’re going to believe people when they say that they love you. I don’t leave out details when I write songs about that. I try to make my songs as personal as possible because, ultimately, my music started out as just trying to turn my diary entries into something that was a piece of music. And that has never changed.”